Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sun Dial -

Sun Dial at Ashram School, Kakinada - Design and Concept by Sri PPS Hariprasad

Sun Dial at Dwaraka Tirumala - Design and Concept by Sri PPS Hariprasad

If any one would like to construct a sun dial they can contact the blogger. 

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sun Dial at Kakinada and Dwaraka Tirumala ( Andhra Pradesh)

The following images are taken from Kakinada and Dwaraka Tirumala ( near Eluru) where 2 Sun Dials were constructed.

This is at Ashram Pathashala - on the road towards Pithapuram  - ( situated after JNTU)

Same As above

Dwaraka Tirumala - near Eluru (Long shot )

Close up

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shilparamam at Tirupati - videos

Here are Amateur videos of few locations:

This is a part of ( ONE SIDE)  the whole area

Open Auditorium

Sun Dial at Tirumala Tirupati ( Shilparamam)


Shilparamam at Tirupati

157 K.M from Chennai, Tirupati is best known as a land of “The Lord of Balaji”. Away from the serpentine Q lines, unending flow of devotes, there are few places to visit in Tirupati to take a break – once you have completed your much awaited “Darshan” of the Lord Balaji.

Shilparamama - Cultural Museum – of AP Tourism Department.

Situated on the road which leads to Tiruchanur ( Mangapuram) from Tirupati, “Shilparamam” - - a cultural museum cum tourist spot. Step into the vast estate and you feel that the entire area is excavated from an ancient kingdom. Filled with several artifacts,  different paths lead visitors to the open-air entry and past a classical outdoor theater.  Admission is by entry fee tickets, available at the gate.

I have been to “Shilparamam” and it was very cool to experience what an ancient village atmosphere would actually look like in the day. Seeing the antiquities displayed in this setting was certainly more interesting than the typical museum.

If you have a “day” to spare – better spend it here!

Really it is incredible to see. The entire campus is so beautiful and amazing. The “artifacts” are nothing but people in “life”. Very relaxing!

Shilparamam – is developed and being managed by the AP Tourism Department, with utmost care and interest.  Any visitor would vouch about its neatness, cordial management,  (Officers and staff)  impeccable maintenance and excellent condition.  

Inside the "hut" you will find number of  "rangolis" like above.

One of the cottages 

You should see these "people" and then stay stunned! 

and this one

Now You got it!!!

The recently installed Sun Dial – is another attraction. The description on this says that you can correct your watch as per the time shown on the Sun Dial.  

Majestically standing in the centre of the area on a well build podium – this Sun Dial gives you the time between 7 am to 5 pm based on the Sun’s shadow.  Well, you have to add few minutes to arrive at Indian Standard Time, according to the month and date you visit this place.